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citral strain is Suitable forIndoors and outdoors
Genotype30% Sativa/ 70% Indica
CrossColorado FLO x Rare Dankness #1
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Citral Flo Haze Strain

Flo OG strain terpene profile cannabis is a 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid bred citral flo Strain by Dutch Passion. This weed citral flo terpene profile is known for a strong punch due to its high THC level. The girl is a citral flo weed strain not for rookies or users with low tolerance.  Finally, the citral og haze strain Flo marijuana strain is best for day and evening time medicinal use cannabis strains. Also, don’t forget to buy citral flo strain from Kush Groves weed shop.

The high begins with an analytical result flo terpene profile. Filling up the mind with a tingly feeling of power. As well as bliss that has you up runtz og strain as well as relocating. This result rapidly spreads out throughout the remainder of its body. Leaving you really feeling raised as well as absolutely kicked back from head to toe, with a somewhat exciting result.

Boosted citral FLO strain

Also, many thanks to these results as well as its high 19-25% typical THC degree, Citral Flo strain is typically selected to deal with problems such as migraine headaches or frustrations, persistent exhaustion, anxiety, or state of mind swings as well as persistent tension.
citral flo strain
This bud has a timeless citral strain is cool cheese taste with hefty tips of sour citrus as well as spicy natural herbs. The scent is greatly poignant and also dank, with a deep tacky overtone that transforms spicy as well as skunky as the nugs are shed away. Therefore, Citral OG strain Flo buds have large flower-shaped dark purple nugs with red hairs as well as a thick finishing of purple-tinted crystal trichomes.

Type of High

Flo marijuana strain induces intense, euphoric cerebral high, dj short flo boosts energy and creativity. Also, Follow by a strong, long-lasting body buzz with a good analgesic effect. It Alleviates depression, Uplifts mood, FLO OG Strain, relieves stress, boosts appetite.  More so, in citral og haze strain, a user may feel cerebral effects that are light and clear-headed. This purple haze marijuana strain provides mild body relaxation as well.

Flo OG cannabis seeds by Rare Dankness have their origins in the cross of a Colorado FLO weed strain and an OG (Rare Dankness #1). Firstly The result is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain that turns into a beautiful compact. And resistant plants capable of producing lots of thick and resinous buds. Also, this is a succulent fruity cocktail with hints of OG-style hash chronic pain. Conclusively? you cannot miss this citral strain outstanding hybrid.

Flo weed strain

The flavor and aroma of citral Flo OG strain terpene profile are intensely fruity, with hints of mint and some touches of Kush. Also, her effect is physically relaxing and very pleasant. Suitable for any time because citral skunk it’s incredibly bearable. Perfect for therapeutic users suffering from Purple OG kush anxiety, migraines, or stress. Buy citral og haze strain without having a medical marijuana card Afghani Indica.

Fl OG obtained the 2nd prize in the Indoor Bio category at 2014 muscle spasms cannabis.

Suitable forIndoors and outdoors
Genotype30% Sativa/ 70% Indica
CrossColorado FLO x Rare Dankness #1

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Cannabis citral strain

Citral Flo scents, looks as well as smokes like several of that timeless enigma dank — Just we understand what it is citral weed 1996 cannabis cup. A cross of Sour Flo as well as Citral Skunk. In conclusion, Citral Flo’s throwback scent as well as taste are virtually like returning to a home town hangout. It does not take lengthy to map the pressure back to Flo, Citral, Skunk, Sour Diesel as well as OG Kush on the family history. And also those genes integrate for a gorgeous mix of Eastern and also Western marijuana selections.

Thick, milky tastes of Hindu Kush; rubbery, gassy tips of Diesel; hefty fumes of Skunk. Also a spin of citrus coordinate as opposed to clash, producing a scent that’s book sticky icky. Citral Flo’s level of thc 20 Sour Apple Drops 1996 cannabis cup

high has a tendency to lean traditional purple Thai as well sour flo strain. As well as can make individuals distressed if way too much is toked. Smoking a joint of it made me seem like a child on his very first candid: My tongue seemed like sandpaper, and also my feeling of time and also focus was dizzy. Nonetheless, sessions of the pressure prior to a late February bike trip or throughout hill sees provided me a warming up power.

Without the adverse effects of overthinking, making it wonderful for fast decision-making throughout outside task.

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