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Pure Kush Cannabis Strain

First of all, Pure Kush is a knockout indica best saved for rainy days and late nights. As its name suggests, Pure Kush is a distinct phenotype of infamous indica OG Kush. It was sele selectively by Green House Seeds, Pure Kush Marijuana Strain, the creators of Super Lemon Haze. Pure Kush’s sedative force is sure Jedi Kush to impress cannabis veterans and newcomers alike. In conclusion, its THC content has measure between 13% and 24%.

Pure Kush is a potent indica cannabis strain known for its relaxing effects, as reports by many reviewers. It is a phenotype of OG Kush, with an unknown Sativa-dominant hybrid parent. Meanwhile, fans of this strain have described the first phase of the high as beginning in the head and scalp. A light but pleasurable pressure builds in the forehead Grandaddy Purple and faces before it eases its way down the body relaxing the muscles and joints as consumers have noted.

Pure Kush Marijuana Strain

Pure Kush’s flowers tend to be on the smaller side, clinging together in tapered, white widow conical shapes like mini pinecones. These nuggets have a dense, indica-typical structure. Also, Pure Kush Cannabis Strain with their leaves coiled tightly inward toward their central stems. They leave themselves tend to be a dark shade of olive green and twist through with curly yellow and orange pistils. Finally, a dusting of resinous trichomes gives Pure Kush’s flowers Buy Purple Kush a silvery sheen and a very sticky texture.

An initial whiff of Pure Kush will pick up on a dank, earthy aroma, with notes of wet soil and some pine. On closer inspection, there’s some acrid skunky funk as well. Meanwhile, grinding up these compact buds reveals the strain’s Afghani roots through notes of hash and spice. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Pure Kush burns with a harsh, Super Cheese Feminized Seeds thick smoke that can tickle the palate and make eyes water. This smoke tastes musky and Strawberry Diesel peppery on the exhale. Those toking in public should keep in mind that Pure Kush.  Can also be a Pure Kush Marijuana Strain very pungent smoke; some odor-control precautions may be necessary.


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